So, What is Chrysalism? 

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What is Chrysalism?

   Do good.
   Become better.
   Share love.

Two Guiding Rules:
1. Focus on your own spiritual growth.
2. Allow others to grow without judgement.

Chrysalism is a non-captive, open-minded religion of peace which is dedicated to the elevation of human spiritual consciousness.

As a policy, we do not engage in apologetic religious argument or debate.

About The Name

"Chrysalism" is used here as a metaphor for personal and spiritual transformation. As the caterpillar enters her chrysalis in order to fulfill her true potential, we, too, enter a time of self-analysis and spiritual reflection, leading to change and growth.

Our Beliefs

We seek to bring the love and peace of heaven to Earth.

Chrysalism is a Christ-forward, harvest-minded religion, meaning that we offer a buffet of established concepts and spiritual truisms from the greatest teachings of the past.

 Like a buffet, you are invited to pick-and-choose the concepts which best resonate with you. No two personal selections will be identical; all are uniquely satisfying.

Chrysalism is a non-captive, open-minded, modern religion of peace which is dedicated to the elevation of human spiritual consciousness.
Ours is simply one of many paths to personal freedom.

We encourage individuals to love the Source of All, think for themselves, maintain self-control, remain connected with loved ones, be open-minded, yet skeptical; learn to forgive themselves and others, and show love when they may do so.

Non-Captive Religion?

Although we always welcome new faces, those who wish to learn are welcome to do so without having to officially "join" as captive, exclusive members of our church. We value personal freedom and celebrate the individual. 

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