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People are hungry for truth. They want workable solutions to the challenges of our time, and not empty promises or delays.
Peace, plenty, and happiness are possible through the ancient teachings of past thinkers.

Chrysalism isn't something that you must follow. It is a private, inner journey of self-discovery. You get to choose for yourself.
Abundance and peace of mind are possible! 

Doing Good

Simple acts move the world!  Together, we may increase peace and harmony by building bridges to greater understanding.

Becoming Better

Trusting in the wisdom of the ages while improving ourselves to find greater happiness, success, and deep personal satisfaction. Together we grow.

Sharing Love

Embodying the compassionate heart of True Consciousness through simple, loving acts which serve the spirit, mind, and body.

Chrysalism is Refreshingly Simple

The term "Chrysalism" is used as a metaphor for personal transformation and for the fulfillment of one's true potential.

You are more than you have become.

Our teachings are gentle suggestions which urge you to explore yourself in new and creative ways. If any resonate with you, apply them as you see fit. You are always in control.

We have three simple tenets which are easy for the reasonable, compassionate individual to embrace:

1. Do good, as you feel led to do such.
2. Become better, as you choose to improve yourself.
3. Share love, as you choose to express such toward others.

Our basic tenets are the foundation of peaceful civilization. One's growth comes through personal and heartfelt reflection upon the lessons of these fundamentals.

There is something greater inside of you.  
Discover yourself.

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