It's Different.

Three suggestions. One guiding rule.
Our purpose? Profound Peace.

Welcome home to your
Universal Chrysalism.

Another Way to Create Peace 

People are searching for greater understanding, and to feel something deep and meaningful, again. Something real. 

How may we serve you ?

In a nutshell, Chrysalism is a way to immediately access the benefits of revolutionary change in a localized setting, which may then spill over into the lives of other good people.

When you feel joy, where does the overflow go, but outward? 

This is openly accomplished through your own personal interpretation of our three simple suggestions, each designed to uplift, empower, and awaken compassionate, intelligent thinkers everywhere.

Three simple suggestions.
One amazing difference.
All for you.

1. Doing Good

Simple acts move the world!  Together, we may increase peace and harmony by building bridges to greater understanding. It all starts within.

2. Becoming Better

Improving ourselves through emotional and spiritual realignment that cleanses and nourishes the soul, all through simple methods that prove their effectiveness with each successful use.

3. Sharing Love

Increasing equality and peace through simple, loving acts which serve the spirit, mind, and body. Because YOU remain in complete control, only you may decide where to apply the gift of compassion and caring.

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Chrysalism Truths

Our teachings are presented as suggestions from which you are invited to pick and choose, selecting what serves your needs. This open, transparent process ensures fairness for all.

Chrysalism is Different

We are a different kind of family.

1. Our aim is not to change your existing truths or beliefs, 
but to help you to strengthen what you already hold dear.

2. We feel that you are already good enough.
You are already worthy and deserving of life's goodness.
You are everything, packed into something vitally important.

3. Our teachings are gentle suggestions for new and creative self-exploration. Pick and choose what best serves you. Find your place in life. Become more.
No dogma or condemnation. Eyes and minds wide open.
You remain always in control, as you should be.

The name "Chrysalism" serves as a metaphor for personal transformation and for the fulfillment of one's true potential.

Universal Chrysalism teaches three golden principles:

   1.  Doing good, as YOU feel led to do such;

   2.  Becoming better, as YOU feel inspired to grow;

   3. Sharing love, as YOU feel moved to act in compassion.

Three simple strategies that create lasting peace.

If this resonates with you, feel free
to explore our suggestions and ideas. Our blog link appears on this page, as does an invitation to consider our Facebook group.

In all things, always think for yourself. 
This is truly for YOU.

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